Workshop Details

Who’s it for?

The Art of Deliberate Success® workshop and coaching program is ideal for:

  • Employees and team groups of all kinds
  • New hires, first time supervisors, new managers and emerging talent
  • Participants of management development and leadership programs
  • Managers, professionals and specialist staff
  • Small-business owners, sales professionals, health professionals, and other specialists
  • Government employees, non-profit employees and managers
  • Professional body and trade association memberships
  • Business school students, MBA’s and professional qualifications 


Learning outcomes

  • Understand and apply the tools and techniques adopted by successful people
  • Gain greater clarity and alignment between what is important and what you actually spend your time doing
  • Identify your unique style of work and boost your productivity
  • Develop strategies for living a more deliberate life both in and out of work
  • Dramatically reduce unwanted stress in your life and achieve a better work/life balance   


Coaching included

Two weeks following the workshop, every participant receives a one-hour private coaching session with a qualified Art of Deliberate Success® coach. This can be done over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting. The purpose of the coaching is to review what has been learned, to customise ideas to particular circumstances, and to chart an action plan for the future.


Workshop materials

Every workshop participant gets:

  • A personal workbook for you to record what you’re thinking and what you’re learning
  • A limited edition hardcover copy of the Art of Deliberate Success book which is personally signed by the author
  • A copy of the On Managing Yourself Harvard Business Review book featuring 10 inspiring articles
  • A special access code that allows you Workshop level access to the resources on this website (interact with others who have been on the workshop, the latest thinking from Dr Keane, and exclusive workshop-only resources)


Topics covered

The workshop is designed to give you a framework and specific tools and techniques to help you focus on the 10 key aspects of living a successful professional and personal life.  We explore:


D Decide: What’s important

  • What are your underlying values?
  • What is truly important to you?
  • What is not important to you?


E Eliminate: Focussing on the important

  • Declutter your life
  • Review your “stuff” and your network of associates
  • Reduce complexity


L Language: Your internal soundtrack

  • Develop and listen to your inner voice
  • Use deliberate language
  • Create and deliver positive messaging for yourself and others


I Information: Managing inward and outward flows

  • Identify your unique way of handling and managing information
  • Know when to use which information tools
  • Strategies to avoid information overload


B Beliefs: Guiding your behaviour

  • Recognise your unique beliefs
  • Understand how beliefs influence behaviour
  • Get alignment between different sets of beliefs


E Energy: Synchronising your body and mind

  • Recognise your unique energy cycle
  • Plan to manage your energy levels
  • Techniques of energy management


R Responsibility: Accepting and taking ownership

  • Harness the power of choice
  • Cultivate ways of saying “no”
  • Put personal responsibility to practice


A Action: Getting work done

  • Stay focussed on the immediate task
  • Overcome procrastination of yours and others
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of multi-tasking


T Time: Setting and executing priorities

  • Identify your priorities and your team’s
  • Common time-traps and time-wasters to look out for
  • Being flexible while staying on-track


E Evaluating: Managing your overall performance

  • Measure and track what is truly important
  • Build on your strengths
  • Put a system in place to track your performance


The workshop teaches you a unique way to integrate these ideas so that your professional and personal life is balanced and fulfilling.


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