The transformational experience of a lifetime


Highly engaging, content rich, and very practical, the workshop is the ideal opportunity for you and your team to get to grips with the 10 behaviours of successful people.  Typically delivered to groups of no more than 16 people, the workshop takes you on a journey to explore how you can put the 10 behaviours into action in your life.

Delivered over two intensive days, the workshop provides participants with the opportunity for discussion and the time to reflect on how to implement the 10 behaviours in both work and personal lives.  About two weeks following the workshop, each participant has a 1-hour coaching session to review progress and plan for future success.

Some clients have implemented additional coaching and action learning groups following the workshop as a way of keeping the learning alive and ensuring that the success ideas are fully applied within the workplace.  Action learning groups have between 4 and 8 people meeting monthly on site or by remote conference call.


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