What some reviewers said

“David is an astute observer of what's really going on! A prolific author and, dare I say it, a Thought Leader on the power of intention – being deliberate about what you want to create in your professional and personal world. He is a voice of reason in a world of confusion. His message is a calm call to remember what’s true and what really matters.”

Matt Church, Founder of Thought Leaders Global and co-author Thought Leaders

“This excellent book reminds us of one of the most important facts in achieving success: that it happens as the result of deliberate choices and actions. If you want to make your approach to genuine achievement more rigorous and reliable, read it.”

Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Success Classics & Never Too Late To Be Great

“In The Art of Deliberate Success, David Keane offers a guide for gaining true alignment as one of the few sustainable advantages in a relentlessly competitive environment. I would recommend it highly for the leaders and managers of any ambitious organisation.”

Brad Jackson, Fletcher Building Education Trust Chair in Leadership, The University of Auckland Business School

“Many development programs fall short as they fail to take into account the complexity of life. David Keane's work and book delivers on all counts. The depth and scope of the book is commendable and will prove to be a powerful and transformational experience for all readers.”

Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist

“As a people manager I was doubly attracted to attend David’s workshop for a better understanding of the work/life balance we all strive to achieve, for our employees and myself. The strategies we learned from David provided each and every one of us with the tools to help achieve our own individual definition of success, in our personal and professional lives. We continuously strive to apply these principals to ingrain them as part of our corporate culture.”

Craig Robinson, Business Director, MSD Animal Health

“It’s no secret that everyone who ever achieved success did so by thinking and acting in certain ways. Dr Keane’s inspiring book shows you exactly how they did it.”

Beverley Main, Chief Executive, Human Resource Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ)

“I attended the Art of Deliberate Success workshop and it was truly transformational. It helped me to see the “bigger picture” of my life and gave me powerful tools which I use every day to achieve success both professionally and personally.”

Katrina Grant, New Zealand Netballer

“Dr Keane brilliantly tackles the issues of achieving success while at the same time dealing with the struggles of living a balanced life today. He lays out a game plan for success that anyone can understand and adapt to their circumstances, to increase their personal effectiveness, and turn intention into meaningful purpose and action."

Robyn Mackay, Manager Learning and Development, Deloitte

“Dr Keane is a highly successful researcher and teacher of this very effective model. Even more importantly, I have witnessed first-hand how he lives and breathes Deliberate Success himself. It works! This book is an opportunity for you to make an immediate impact on your work and personal life and become deliberately successful.”

Darren Levy, Director of Short Courses, The University of Auckland Business School

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