Seminar Details

Who’s it for?

The Art of Deliberate Success® seminar series is ideal for:

  • Groups of employees and team members who want an overview of the Art of Deliberate Success ideas
  • People who have limited time
  • Groups that are geographically spread and can only attend by short webinars
  • Organisers who want high flexibility in how, where, and when to deliver learning
  • Organisations that have budget constraints
  • Organisations that want to make the seminar series available to their clients, suppliers or other stakeholders


Learning outcomes

  • Get the essential 10 behaviours of successful people in a format that's quick and fast-paced
  • Have some time within seminars to reflect of how to apply the ideas might be applied
  • Provide a platform for further study into the behaviours of successful people  


Seminar materials

Every seminar participant gets:

  • A notebook for you to record what you’re thinking and what you’re learning
  • A paperback edition of the Art of Deliberate Success book
  • A special access code that allows you Seminar level access to the resources on this website


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