Short, sharp, 1-hour sessions with impact

Our Success Seminar Series offers an opportunity to learn the 10 behaviours of successful people in a way that’s flexible.  The series consisting of three 1-hour seminars, is designed to present the critical themes with a focus on identifying the key ideas that will have the most impact.


Seminar 1:  What Matters Most  (60 minutes)

People who achieve success are not just lucky.  They achieve results because they think in certain ways about what really matters.  Most people believe that success is down to hard work, determination, and a never-give-up attitude.  But it’s not the complete picture.


Seminar 2:  Getting Stuff Done  (60 minutes)

When you look at truly successful people you’ll notice something remarkable:  they don’t seem to be too busy!  In fact, they think very differently about their time and, as a result, they get very different results.


Seminar 3:  Success is a Choice  (60 minutes)

Every day, successful people make different kinds of choices.  They deliberately choose where to put their focus, who to spend time with, how to use information, and what to think.  Are you deliberate about your professional and personal choices?


Each of the seminars is run in a “small table” format so participants can discuss the ideas presented and can learn from each other.

While some clients have run the seminar series back-to-back making it a half-day experience, most schedule seminars a week apart allowing participants to think and apply before moving onto the next seminar. 

All participants get a copy of the Art of Deliberate Success book at the beginning of the first seminar.  This means they can work on the success ideas between sessions and bring their questions along to following seminars.

We also offer coaching and action learning groups to people who have completed the seminar series.


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