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Do you have an event to organise and want to do something different?

Our keynote talks – personally delivered by the author of The Art of Deliberate Success book, Dr David Keane – will amp-up any crowd.

Depending on what your objectives are, Dr Keane will customise his talk to meet the exact needs of your group.  Rated in the top 5% of speakers by conference and event organisers, David knows how to inspire your people.


Keynote 1:  Are you really Successful?

In this TED-like talk, we question the conventional thinking about success, and discover how to go about achieving real success in our lives.


Keynote 2:  How to be Successful

People who are successful in Work and in Life think and act in a particular way.  Once you know these "secrets" - success becomes much more achievable.


Keynote 3:  Beware of the Busy Person

We all have exactly the same amount of time – 168 hours a week. This talk explores how successful people make different choices with respect to how they use their time. Learn specific techniques to help you with time so that you get the most important things done, overcome procrastination, and become less busy.


Keynote 4:  Employee Engagement 2.0

According to a recent Gallup survey only 11% of employees are fully engaged at work.  That’s an alarmingly low number and suggests profound problems for workplaces everywhere.  Part of the issue is that we think we know what drives people.  But, clearly, we don’t.  Dr Keane will share his most recent thinking on how high-performing organisations are beginning to see their people in a new way.


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