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Wake Up

1 May 2015   |  Tags:

When I asked a friend how he lost so much weight so quickly, he gave an unusual answer: “I simply woke up” he said.  Whatever do you mean?  Surely, just getting up a little earlier did not produce these amazing results.


Mindfulness at Work

1 March 2015   |  Tags:

When Google introduced the ‘Search Inside Yourself’ personal development programme for their people, organisations everywhere started paying attention.  Google saw an opportunity to enhance corporate creativity and productivity by offering a unique development programme exclusively focused on enabling each of their people to more fully realise their potential.


Be Here Now

1 February 2015   |  Tags:

Some time ago I was invited to talk to 400 workers at an oil refinery about a simple topic: the moment of now.  As I faced the packed auditorium that day, I thought about the importance of being in the now and the consequences of letting our minds drift while doing certain types of work.  For these people in the refinery, there would be no second chances.  With millions of litres of highly flammable fuel on site, one critical error would have disastrous consequences.