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Myths of Success

1 June 2016   |  Tags:

Successful people, those who achieve extraordinary results, have a certain way of approaching their lives. The success they achieve is never down to good fortune or even the ability to work hard. Successful people achieve simply because they see the world differently from everyone else. And then they act on what they see.


Where are You

1 July 2015   |  Tags:

While at work, how often have you found yourself thinking about everything else but work?  For many of us, I suspect the answer is “frequently” or “very frequently” depending on how honest we are with ourselves.


Gen Y and Success

1 June 2015   |  Tags:

Research by the Penna Group has shed some new light on how Gen Y (born between 1980 and 1996) think about themselves and their organisations.  Penna surveyed the views of 1,000 employees (in two groups between 18-24 and 25-34) as well as the perspectives of 1,000 senior managers.


Wake Up

1 May 2015   |  Tags:

When I asked a friend how he lost so much weight so quickly, he gave an unusual answer: “I simply woke up” he said.  Whatever do you mean?  Surely, just getting up a little earlier did not produce these amazing results.


Procrastinate Later

1 April 2015   |  Tags:

The avoidance of doing a task which needs to be done – postponing until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today – is one of the main obstacles to us achieving success in our  professional and personal lives.  And it seems that procrastination is on the rise. 


Mindfulness at Work

1 March 2015   |  Tags:

When Google introduced the ‘Search Inside Yourself’ personal development programme for their people, organisations everywhere started paying attention.  Google saw an opportunity to enhance corporate creativity and productivity by offering a unique development programme exclusively focused on enabling each of their people to more fully realise their potential.


Be Here Now

1 February 2015   |  Tags:

Some time ago I was invited to talk to 400 workers at an oil refinery about a simple topic: the moment of now.  As I faced the packed auditorium that day, I thought about the importance of being in the now and the consequences of letting our minds drift while doing certain types of work.  For these people in the refinery, there would be no second chances.  With millions of litres of highly flammable fuel on site, one critical error would have disastrous consequences.


Read Your Way to Success

1 December 2014   |  Tags:

I’m often asked the question, “What is the single most important thing a person can do to live a more deliberately successful life?”  I must confess that I do not know for sure what that single secret would be.  I can tell you, however, that way up there on my list would be the habit of reading good personal development and self-mastery books as well as the biographies of people you admire.


Be Less Busy

1 November 2014   |  Tags:

How often have you been asked the question, “Are you busy?”  It’s an interesting question because behind it lurk some fundamental assumptions that influences how you might answer – irrespective of the truth.  Perhaps the most significant assumption is that being busy is a good thing.  But is this true?


Ask Better Questions

1 October 2014   |  Tags:

In my work with high-performing successful people I have observed that they are masters of asking good questions.  Good questions of themselves, good questions of others, and good questions of their organisations.


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