Who we are, our heritage, what we’re about

Our mission is to enable success in people and organisations everywhere

Our offerings (workshops, seminars, coaching, and keynote talks) are all based on our systematic and innovative research into how people achieve success in both their professional and personal lives.


The Story of The Art of Deliberate Success® (TADS)

In 1988, our founder Dr David Keane, became fascinated by the idea of success and the study of successful people.  He spent five years studying the lives of ten successful senior managers and concluded that the most successful did not seem very busy in their day-to-day lives.  He discovered that success has more to do with what you don’t do, rather than activity and achieving things.

This critical finding, led Dr Keane to extend his research to more closely understand the “mindset” of success and how this translates into daily behaviour.

For the next 20 years, Dr Keane read thousands of books in the subjects of psychology, the science of success, business self-help, and philosophy.   He also delivered small-group workshops and coaching programmes to a diverse range of people who wanted to achieve more success in their professional and personal lives. 

This research, combined with insights gained from coaching, led David to see success in a new way.  He developed a unique framework model (The Art of Deliberate Success (TADS) Model) which is a holistic way of thinking about success in all aspects of your life.

From 2008 to 2012, Dr Keane dedicated himself to writing full-time, and in 2013, his book, The Art of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours of Successful People was published worldwide by John Wiley & Son under the Jossey-Bass imprint.  The book has become a bestseller and is now in its fourth printing.

Since 2008, thousands of people have attended TADS workshops, seminars, and conference events.


Certification of Trainers and Coaches

With the global success of the book, in 2014, we created a certification programme to upskill other trainers and coaches to deliver content from The Art of Deliberate Success book.  We now have an extensive network of certified associates including some in-house certified training professionals who run programmes for in-house audiences.


On-going Research and Development

We continue to undertake research into the behaviours of successful people and these insights are used to update our programme on an on-going basis.  We also publish blogs and newsletters that keep past participants informed about recent developments and new thinking.


Authorised Resellers

Our business strategy is to work closely with our global network of Authorised Resellers who facilitate the delivery of our programmes to meet local needs.   Some resellers offer public programmes while others are focused in particular market niches or industry sectors.


How we Work

Our business values are:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Excellence, demonstrable impact, and value for money
  • A profitable business with a sustainable future